PP hollow Sheet Machine Corrugated Sheet Extruder

PP hollow sheet machine, also named pp corrugated sheet machine, is used to produce hollow/corrugated sheet which used on packing/carton application,and advertiszing industry.

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pp hollow sheet machine

corrugated sheet extruder

What is PP hollow Sheet Machine Corrugated Sheet Extruder ?

PP hollow sheet machine/pp corrugated sheet machine can used to produce PP hollow sheet, PP corrugated sheet, PP corflute sheet.

These sheets are widely used in packaging, box making ,printing, and many kinds field.

The width of the PP hollow sheet is 1220-2800mm, and the thickness is 2mm-12mm.

hollow sheet machine

What's the equipment list of PP hollow Sheet Machine Corrugated Sheet Extruder 


Machine name



Material mixing machine

1 set


Single screw extruder

1 set


Single screw co-extruder

1 set


Screen changer

1 set


Co-extruder mold:ABA

1 set


Calibrating machine

1 set


Six-pairs haul off machine 1st

1 set


Preheating Oven

2 sets


Cooling device

1 set


Corona treatment device

1 set


Edge cutting device

1 set


Three-pairs haul off machine 2nd

1 set


Transverse cutting machine

1 set



1 set

Whats' the Consist of PP hollow Sheet Machine Corrugated Sheet Extruder 

1. Single screw extruder: 

pp hollow sheet machine

Inverter: ABB/Schneider/Delta

Screw: SJ110/SJ20/SJ150

Motor: 90-132kw 

Temperature control : OMRON 

Connector: SIEMENS 

Screw Feeding. 

Uniform Plasticization, Can add more than  60% Filler

2.  Screen exchanger : 

 corrugated sheet extruder

Used for impurity filtration.  

Achieve non stop screen changing, it will  improve production efficiency, save cost.

3. T-Die Mould

hollow sheet machine

Width: 2300mm

Final Product width: 2100mm

Heating zone: 13 zones

Forming plate: 2 sets

4. Calibration Machine: 

pp hollow sheet machine

Inlet pipe with valve adjustment

Vertical bar structure, stuffy fire treatment,avoid deformation

central height can be adjusted a little

2sets vacuumed system

5. Haul-off Machine

corrugated sheet extruder

two units of hau-off machine 

first one has 6 pairs of traction roll 

second one has 2 pair of tractron rolll 

clamp control by vacuum 

hollow sheet machine

6. Cutting machine 

pp hollow sheet machine

PLC Control, 

Servo Motor

Traction belt moving 

7. Cooling fan

corrugated sheet extruder

For pp corrugated sheet cooling. 

Cooling fun quantity: 6 

8.  Corona Treatment Machine

hollow sheet machine

Used for corona treatment, easy for painting on final pp hollow corrugated sheet

What is the process of producing the PP hollow Sheet Machine Corrugated Sheet Extruder 

Raw material + additive → mixing → vacuum feeding machine → hopper dryer → single screw extruder → color code extruder (depend on instrusion of the sheet)→Hydraulic screen change(optional)→melt pump→T-die→Vacuum calibrator forming machine→First hause off unit→Anneal oven→Cooling bracket→Double side Corona treatment device(optional)→Second haul off unit→Cross cutter and transmission unit→Collect table

pp hollow sheet machine

corrugated sheet extruder

hollow sheet machine

pp hollow sheet machine

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