Turnover Advertising Printing PP Corrugated Sheet Boxes Machine

PP hollow corrugated sheet is widely used in packing area, such as packing box for fruits, vegetable packing box, seafood packing box, turnover box….

PP corrugated sheet machine has features of highly automatic, stable performance, precision control by PLC.

Auxiliary machines: die-cutting machine; printing machine; welding machine, etc.

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What is Turnover Advertising Printing PP Corrugated Sheet Boxes Machine

Turnover Advertising Printing PP Corrugated Sheet boxes Machine is used to making PP cartion corrugated packing boxes which widely used in deliery and packing industries. Mainly consist of PP hollow corrugated sheet production line, die-cutting & printing machine, welding machine, etc.

PP corrugated sheet is ideal packing material for making cartons and packing boxes, which has the feature of light weight, good toughness, flexible size, relatively lowe cost and long serivce time. the final products of PP carton, packing boxes si 4-10 times longer than the lift of paper corrugated board.

plastic Turnover box machine

StepMachine nameApplication of machine 
1PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
For making PP hollow corrugated sheet for required width and thickness.
width: 1200-2800mm

thickness: 2-12mm

It normally consist of single screw extruder, screen exchanger, extrusion mould, calibration machine, six roller tractor, fan cooling, corona treatment machine, 2 roller tractor, cutting machine, manipulator collection platform. etc. 

2PP hollow sheet die cutting machine

For cutting the Pp sheet into required shape for folding box.

some die cutting machine has printing function.  

3PP corrugated hollow sheet  printing machinefor printing logo and designs on the Packing box, there is different printing machine, such as single color printer, double color printer, four color printer.
PP hollow sheet welding machine
PP hollow sheet bookbinding machine
For folding the Pp hollow sheet into required box shape, welding machine and bookbinding machine both can work for it

What's the application of PP Carton & PP Packing Boxes: 

PP corrugated boxes are lightweight & comparatively aesthetic shipping boxes made out of polypropylene (PP). They are very convenient to handle, load or unload.

PP Corrugated Boxes and Crates-Polypropylene Corrugated Box & crates are most aesthetically designed without metal or glue, light weight, environment friendly and importantly, PP Corrugated Crates and Boxes are fold able to render space saving. Using latest Ultra- sonic welding with specially designed plastic profiles to provide any shape, size, partition or lining. We also provide special fabric dunnage (as provided in HDPE Crates) and foam linings to enable a scratch free component and Material Handling.

plastic Turnover box machine

Advertising hollow corugated sheet machine

plastic Turnover box machine

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