Recycled PE WPC Decking Deck Board Making Machine

1. Raw material : Recyced PE + wooden powder + additives;

2. Final product: WPC decking, WPC flooring, WPC deck board, WPC plank

3. Equipment: twin screw extruder, extrusion mould, calibration paltform, cutting machine, stacker. auxiliary machine: crusher, mixer, embossing, sanding machine etc.

4. 20 year experinece on extruder machine production and formula adjustment.

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  • Qingdao,China
  • 55 days
  • 80 sets per year
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What is Recycled PE WPC Decking Deck Board Making Machine ?

WPC decking machine

Recycled PE WPC Decking Deck Board Making Machine is used produce PE WPC decking, composit decking by twin screw extruder. 

Raw material: recycled PE + wooden fiber + additives. 

WPC deck machine

What's the features of final products of  Recycled PE WPC Decking Deck Board Making Machine

1.  Made of recycled plastic (HDPE) and wood powder, plus non-hazardous chemical additives such as anti UV agent, light stabilizer, lurbicant, culping agent and etc, our Composite decking board gives any decking a fantastically clean and professional finish.

2. Designed against fading has anti mildew properties and is anti slip even when wet. The full bodied colour means that the decking can be sanded down like traditional wood whilst maintaining its original colour.

3. Profiles adjustable, lengths adjustable, colors adjustable, surface treatment adjustable.

4. Treads on surface of our WPC decking boards provide a choice of desirable, tough anti-slip surfaces. The vivid wood grain look makes it more natural to see and feel. The boards have self-cleaning anti mildew construction and require virtually no maintenance for their life.

5. Easy intallation and cost efficiency.

WPC deck making machine

How does  Recycled PE WPC Decking Deck Board Making Machine work?

WPC decking machine

Step 1 : Mixing the raw materials:  PE and Wood Powder with kinds of Additives, there is a formulate recipe for WPC products.

Step 2 : Granulation into Pellets: The Mixture materials from the mixer discharged into Buffer Silo, which is standing by for the Granulation into Pellets.

WPC deck machine

Step 3 : PE WPC Decking Deck Board Making Machine, Co-Extrusion is getting more popular, Inside is granulated pellets(mostly is recycled PE with Wooden Powders) and covering by a co-extrusion layer New PE , the marketing trend is full capped 360degree, for better performance in outdoors.

WPC deck making machine

Step 4 : Surface treatment, there are three different types of Surface treatment after extrusion:

Scratch: Brushing the surface for a feeling like the nature wooden;

Embossing: Rolling Embossing make the wood grained concave-convex feeling surface,

Polish: Polishing a smooth and mat surface is widely used in garden.

WPC decking machine

WPC deck machine

Equipment List of Recycled PE WPC Decking Deck Board Making Machine ? 

1. twin screw extruder(SJSZ65x132) 

WPC deck making machine

Extruder type: SJSZ65x132

Capacity: 350-400kg/h

Inverter: Schneider or Delta or ABB

Contactor: SIEMENS,


Temperature control: OMRON

Vacuum pump: 4KW

Feding: screw feed with motor

2. Calibaration Plaftom

WPC decking machine

Length: 3000mm

Electrical forward moving
Driving motor: 1.5kw
Vacuum motor & water motor equipped
Recycling water cooling

Material of platform: stainless steel

3. Cutting Machine 

WPC deck machine

Cutting motor: 2KW

Blade control: cylinder

Automatic length metering, cut as setting meters.

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