Bathroom Roofing Tiles Pvc Ceiling Panel Making Machine

PVC ceiling panel machine raw material: PVC + CaCo3 + Additives

Final product of pvc ceiling panel production line: Roofling tiles, ceiling panel, cladding wall panel, etc

Width: 200-600mm, Thickness: 5-8mm

Famous brand of electric components. machine with features of easy operation, stable performace, less maintanence. etc.

  • SUKE
  • Qingdao,China
  • 55 days
  • 80 sets per year
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What is Bathroom Roofing Tiles Pvc Ceiling Panel Making Machine ? 

Bathroom roofing tiles pvc ceiling panel making machine is used to produce pvc panel with hollow structure which widely used as decoration material of wall and ceiling roofing. It's considered to be a better choice compared to traditional ceiling materials because of its superior durability. It can last for years without warping or bending

It produce PVC ceiling wall panel with different size, such as 200mm, 250m,300mm, 400mm, 600mm and so on.

pvc ceiling panel machine

pvc ceiling panel making machine

What machine needed for production of PVC ceiling wall panel:

- PVC mixer
- PVC panel extrusion line
(Including autoloader, conical twin screw extruder, mould, vacuum calibration chamber, hauling machine, auto cutter- stacker)
- hot stamp printer or two color printing line or lamation
- PVC pipe crusher& PVC miller
- Air compressor
- Water chiller (optional)

- high glossy two color PVC ceiling wall panel printing line

What is Application of final products of Bathroom Roofing Tiles Pvc Ceiling Panel Making Machine? 

PVC ceiling panels can be used in any room of your home, from your kitchen or bathroom, shower, wet room to bedrooms and playrooms. As well as a fantastic look, our PVC cladding panels are an easy to fit, functional, low maintenance alternative to painted ceilings or walls. Because of their tongue and groove interlocking system, our cladding panels are quick and easy to install, creating an attractive finish at a great price. These panels are ideal for ceilings and walls alike, an ideal alternative to tiling.

pvc roofing tile machine

pvc ceiling panel machine

What included in  Bathroom Roofing Tiles Pvc Ceiling Panel Making Machine ? 

1. Twin screw extruder

pvc ceiling panel making machine

Technical Parameters:
a. Main motor :37kw Siemens Brand.
b. Inverter: schneider
c. Screw barrel: 38CrMoAl, hardness Hv950 or more , high-efficiency and long service life.
d. Vacuum pump : Double station.
Extrusion System

2. Extrusion Mould 

pvc roofing tile machine

Technical Parameters:
a. Special design for PVC profile
b. Mirror polishing Cr plating,
c. Three dimensional flow simulation software design.

3. Calibration Platform: 

pvc ceiling panel machine

Name: Calibration table with forming mould

Technical parameters:
a. Up and down, left and right manually adjusted
b. With Infrared device, guarantee speed synchronously with Haul-off speed.

4. Haul-off Machine 

pvc ceiling panel making machine

Traction power: 1.5kw 

Traction belt: rubber 

5. Hot stamping machine online 

pvc roofing tile machine

Technical parameters:
a. It has two function: hot stamping and laminating
b. Working thickness and width can be adjusted
c. Equipped with foil tension force control system.

6. Cutting Machine

pvc ceiling panel machine

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